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Mt. Hakuunndake Refuge Hut Operation Plan 2021 (as of 26 May. 2021) ←CLICK



Kamihorokamettoku Refuge Hut(上ホロカメットク山避難小屋)- Construction Completed


From the end of June till beginning of October 2022 the Kamihorokamettoku Refuge Hut will be undergoing a full rebuild.

Can’t use the Hut and campsite until the construction is completed.

We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for the cooperation of all mountain users.

Contact: Kamikawa General Subprefectural Bureau of Hokkaido TEL:0166-46-5922












Website URL (Japanese &English): https://www.kamikawa.pref.hokkaido.lg.jp/hk/kks/105896.html




NOTICE:Kurodake Public Toilet(黒岳トイレ)of  Kurodake Ishimuro Hut(黒岳石室)

Please bring and use your own portable toilet at the Kurodake Public Toilet to avoid COVID-19 infection.



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